Renny Harlin

  what's up with renny?


Hi everyone! The Champs shoot is going really well. The crew and I recently returned from shooting on location at the Chicago Grand Prix with the entire cast.

Champs was officially introduced to the international press during the Toronto Molson Indy race. Reporters from around the world attended a press conference with the entire cast and myself. It was great to have all the actors sharing their enthusiasm for this project.

I will be wrapping up the Toronto portion of the shoot at the end of August and then moving on to Montreal for the remainder of principal photography. We will be shooting at the Circuit Gille Villeneuve in Montreal.

Everything is looking fantastic and I am so excited about what is still to come.

Thanks for your support!



Click on either of the images below to see exclusive 360 IPIX images taken on the set of Renny's upcoming film. These IPIX images were taken at the Toronto Molson Indy, inside the tents that house the super-charged automobiles that are being used in the film.

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