what's up with renny?



Renny is very excited to announce the re-launch of his all-new website. By May 1st, you will be exposed to much more information on Renny's past films and upcoming projects. Please keep checking back in the coming weeks to check out the new site.

Renny is currently in post-production on a dramatic crime thriller entitled Cleaner, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Eva Mendes, Keke Palmer and many more.  Jackson plays a former cop turn Crime Scene Cleaner who unwittingly cleans up a murder scene and disposes of all evidence.  Now, while attempting to find out what is going on, who was murdered and why he was chosen, he first has to figure out whom exactly he can trust.  Principal photography for “Cleaner” took place in Shreveport, Louisiana. The film is being Produced by Anonymous Content and Millennium Films.  The anticipated release date is the end of 2007.

Renny's latest theatrical release was The Covenant for Sony Screen Gems, which was produced by Lakeshore Entertainment. The film was shot in Montreal, Canada. “The Covenant” is about four prep-school students who have supernatural powers and struggle to keep them under control knowing that they will suffer catastrophic consequences when using in excess. However, a fifth member threatens to destroy them unless they comply with handing over their powers. The four must fight this ultimate evil in order to protect their Covenant and their family secrets. “The Covenant” was released domestically September of 2006 and in many internationally territories shortly thereafter.  “The Covenant” is currently available on DVD. Click here to purchase your copy online today. Click here for the Official Website. View the trailer.

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Harlin's psychological thriller Mindhunters for Intermedia Films was released domestically in the spring of 2005 by Dimension Films. This "Who Dun It" centers around a group of young FBI Agent Trainees. The group has been isolated on a remote island to undergo training in a psychological profiling program that studies and tracks down serial killers. However, during their training they realize that there is a killer among them. Can they find out who the killers is and save themselves before it is too late? View the trailer.

Following a successful domestic and international theatrical release, Exorcist: the Beginning (Warner Bros Pictures) is now available on DVD. The DVD is complete with a Director's Commentary and additional special features. This prequel to the Exorcist traces the story of Father Merrin and his first encounter with the devil while on an archaeological dig in post-World War II Africa. While there, Merrin must confront the horrors of war he has encountered and his loss of Faith in order to combat the devil and save the souls of the villagers and himself. The film was shot at Cinecitta Studios in Rome, Italy.   Pick up your copy of the DVD or order it online today.

Also, please check back shortly for the re-launch of The new website will feature more information from your favorite Renny movies and an all-new design.